Gemini Group, it’s the indefinable quality that separates the good companies from the great companies. Gemini Group has for over 30 years truly demonstrated and delivered on its visionary future for all the businesses it’s been involved with. From the energy sector to the infrastructure sector, across UAE and India

Gemini Property Developers

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Our Projects

Gemini Group News

Gemini Chairman Sudhakar Rao feted for Lifetime Achievement at Indian Excellence Awards

UAE’s new visa sponsorship rules to reunite families

Gemini Property Developers to expand marketing activities to India

Gemini Property Developers to attract Indian investors at Dubai Property Show in Mumbai

Gemini Property Developers restructures board as company plans expansion into India and Saudi Arabia

Handover of Gemini’s $82m Splendor homes begins in Dubai

Gemini Property Developers commences handover of Dh300 million ‘Splendor project’

Gemini Property Developer supports Emirati Hackathon competition, innovation

‘Gemini Property Developers’ distributes 20,000 Iftar meals to labourers

Forbes Middle East Honours Gemini’s Chairman Sudhakar Rao With Top Indian Business Leader Award