3D printing is the new frontier in construction; Dubai is ready

3D printing is the latest buzzword in construction sectors worldwide, especially in Dubai. It is being increasingly used for constructing complex building structures through modelling software programmes. The use of this technology in the construction sector is enhancing efficiency, reducing labour costs, and speeding up the entire process. 

Often referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing technologies have been evolving rapidly over the last few years. 3D printing is being adopted to create detailed models and to print specific real-size parts of the same that are otherwise difficult to produce using conventional methods. And as always, Dubai has embraced it with open arms.  

Dubai: Seizing the initiative

Dubai is increasingly using 3D printing for fabricating commercial and residential buildings. The launch of the first Emirati Centre of Excellence for 3D Printing in Abu Dhabi is an important development(1) in this regard. 

A commendable aspect of Dubai’s adoption of 3D printing in the real estate industry is its methodical approach to the new tech. The city has issued a decree to regulate the use of 3D printing in its construction sector. As per the new law(2), companies wishing to deploy 3D printing technologies for construction in Dubai must register with the Dubai Municipality and obtain a licence before seeking further approvals from other authorities. 

The new legislation will support the Emirate’s target of ensuring that 25% of its buildings are constructed using 3D printing technology by 2030. Moreover, the decree will promote Dubai as a regional and global hub for the use of this technology. Not only that, but it will also spur overall economic growth and give a fillip to the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies in the Emirate. 

The legislation will enhance overall efficiencies in construction projects and improve the competitiveness of Dubai’s local industry. It will also reduce waste in the sector and attract leading companies to the city’s construction industry. The waste-reduction potential of 3D printing has great implications for the UAE’s sustainability and Net-zero 2050 goals. 

Commendable initiatives

Dubai’s early recognition of 3D printing as an important breakthrough in the construction sector is sure to make it a renowned name when it comes to operational use cases. The Dubai Future Foundation has stated that it hopes Dubai will become the leading centre of additive manufacturing by 2030. Going by Dubai’s record, that does not sound far-fetched at all. Several international firms have already selected Dubai as a location for their 3D printing ventures. Interestingly, the Dubai Municipality has unveiled a 640-square meter 3D printed building project. 

An initiative such as this will go a long way in giving credence to Dubai’s plans to become the world’s headquarter for additive manufacturing. Though it is still early days for Dubai’s 3D printing endeavours, with a long way to go before they can be scaled across the sector, the way the Emirate has seized the opportunity is praiseworthy. The coherent, long-term plan it has unveiled to popularise 3D printing has positioned it as a serious player in this segment, encouraging developers of this innovative construction technology to set up shop in Dubai.

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