Love beachfront houses? Here are the pros and cons

Owning a beachfront property is the ultimate sign of having arrived. It’s always a fashionable address. The cool breeze, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, and an overall sense of well-being are added advantages. But living right at the doorstep of the sea also comes with its own challenges.

Let’s first look at the pros of living in a beachfront house. Unsurprisingly, there are quite a few.

Breathtaking views

The most obvious advantage of having a house by the sea is the enchanting, picturesque view. The glorious sunrises or sunsets, the beckoning horizon, the allure of the waves, and all of it put together translate to a 24×7 awesome view.

Invigorating air

There’s something about the sea air that is immediately refreshing. It is fresher, less polluted, and invigorating. There’s always a breeze blowing, so it is enjoyable all the time.

Better lifestyle

Living in a beachfront property is like living in a gym all the time. All one has to do is go out the door, and the gym is right there. The beach is a natural track for joggers and walkers. It makes even slothful people active. And if the beach is right in front of your residence, there’s no excuse not to get active.

Higher resale value

A sea-facing house is always a premium property. It is more expensive than a similar property just a road or two away. Hence, beachfront residences are an excellent choice for real estate investment. They have a higher resale value and will fetch big bucks any time.

Good for generating passive income

Renting out a portion of a beachfront property is a great way to generate passive income. Besides, if the owners do not live in the house all year round, they can rent it out to tourists. Converting the property into a vacation rental during peak tourist seasons is easy and profitable.

There is a flip side to living right next to the sea. The cons are as follows:

Sand invasion

All that beach sand has a nasty habit: It does not stay just on the beach. It finds its way into the house. And no matter how hard one tries to keep the sand out, it persists. It’s on the furniture, the floor, the kitchen utensils, the car — everywhere and all the time.

Higher maintenance cost

The constant humidity, combined with the salty sea breeze, causes corrosion, impacting the exterior as well as the interior of the beachfront property. Homes near the sea need a lot more upkeep than those situated at a distance. The house will have to be re-painted regularly, and electronic appliances and furniture will also need special care.


A beach is a magnet for people of all ages. Even when it is not a prime tourist season, there will always be people who throng it. That means more traffic, crowded streets, random cars in front of the house, and an overall lack of privacy.

Higher cost

The great view from a beachfront property comes at a hefty premium — a house near the sea will be comparatively more expensive than a house well in the hinterlands.

Weather problem

A beachfront house will be the first to face the impact of a storm, floods, heavy rain, strong winds, and so forth. One will have to take special precautions when the weather is bad.

But all said and done, a beachfront house has an irresistible glamour. And even with all the cons, it will always have suitors.

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