Dancing Fountain: Dubai best is still to come

Dubai’s Dancing Fountain another addition to the city’s long list of iconic landmarks.

Style, substance and class define Dubai. Proudly carrying the moniker, ‘City of Gold’, the country has always stepped up and out-challenged itself in every sphere. Transformed from a trade to a tourism economy, Dubai’s attractions lie in its iconic landmarks, tall skyscrapers, and unique experientials. The desert oasis has never rested on its laurels, and the latest in its bejewelled crown is the beautiful dancing fountain. Touted to become one of the city’s grandest, the fountain is another feather in the cap of this Emirates nation as it drives excitement for The World Expo 2020.


Dubai’s penchant for the biggest, brightest and most attractive is well known. The sleepy desert city underwent a complete change when it decided to welcome modernity with open arms. The port town that once attracted traders and was known for its fuel, now attracts investors and expatriates looking to set up businesses and lifestyles in the country.


Pegged as one of the world’s best tourist destinations, the country offers something for every kind of tourist – be they children, adults, teenagers and travel enthusiasts. It stepped into global prominence with the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Mall, showcasing to the world its capabilities of manifesting attractions at scale. Thereafter several other iconic buildings, residential properties and commercial enterprises cemented its stature in people’s minds. The city’s unique ability to merge modern landscapes with traditional heritage and architecture, resulted in the development of unique places that democratised people across nationalities, cultures and ethnicities.


Keeping in mind its rapidly changing populace, Dubai has consistently delivered mega projects to cater to different interests. Because of several such initiatives in real estate, Dubai is known as one of the world’s most hybrid cities. To add to this long list of accolades, the city is soon going to be home to one of the world’s biggest and most visually attractive fountains.


Spread over 12,000 square meters area of water, Dubai’s dancing fountain will be located at the tip of the island across the bay from Palm Atlantis. Pegged at Dh66 million and developed by Nakheel Developers, this choreographed fountain is being executed by Beijing Water Design, one of China’s largest fountain specialists.


The fountain – one of the tallest performing in the world – will be centerpiece of ‘The Pointe’, the city’s AED800 million centrally located dining, entertainment and retail hub. Flanked by Palm Jumeirah belonging to the same developers, it will give visitors an experience to remember. Walking down The Pointe’s 1.5km promenade after shopping and dining, visitors will be visually treated to a magnificent spectacle that will add a new dimension to the cityscape.


The Pointe has everything to satisfy a tourists wanderlust. From 70 restaurants, retail stores, with play areas and spas, to cinema, gyms and beauty salons, it also enjoys stunning views and cool breezes from the Persian Gulf. With a car park for 1,600 vehicles and its own monorail, the dancing fountain will be another bright spot to an already attractive skyline teeming with vibrant, multi-hued attractions.


A must-see attraction that will add a new dimension to the city’s dining, retail and entertainment scene, The Pointe is another addition to Dubai’s trail of experiences and landmarks to position itself as an ideal tourist destination.


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