Pioneering Affordable Luxury

Gemini Property Developers proud to be recognised as the Runners-Up in the Best Real Estate Project (Luxury Residential) category at the recent Gulf Real Estate Awards 2019

Few things in life are as satisfying or inspiring, as the recognition by one’s industry. Gemini Property Developers is proud to have been awarded the runners up trophy in the Best Real Estate Project (Luxury Residential) category at the recent Gulf Real Estate Awards 2019. In a space that included several long-established behemoths and highly regarded companies, it was a great honour to be recognised for having delivered among the best developments in this class of properties. As a young and ambitious company, winning in the ‘Luxury Residential’ category was particularly satisfying because these projects are inherently judged for a standard of quality and innovation in approach, values which Gemini is committed to.

In recent decades, Dubai has emerged as a unique and dynamic metropolis on the world stage. Its identity as a global commercial hub, singular tourist attraction and a future-ready city that embraces tech-enabled possibilities and progressive people-centric policies is drawing universal recognition across the globe. The city is continually innovating to meet the challenge of providing the finest solutions in infrastructure, energy, mobility, education, healthcare and other essentials, for its growing resident population.

Gemini Property Developers has been drawn to this spirit of innovation and creativity as the perfect canvas on which to create developments that reflect its own guiding principles and aspirations. As an entity that did not have the weight of a long history of operations in the industry, Gemini Property Developers is grateful for the industry’s recognition of the company’s ambitious vision and commitment to delivering ‘an affordable luxury home for everyone’.

Listening to the market and daring to dream

When considering a niche for its first offering in a highly competitive and aspiration-driven market, Gemini Property Developers was motivated to listen to its target audience and create a unique offering that both met and exceeded their expectations. As a natural consequence of following up on this approach, the company resolved to be among the first-movers in the ‘Affordable Luxury’ domain. Gemini Property Developers identified this fast emerging segment as the sweet spot to address a developing market niche, which is taking shape owing to a burgeoning upper middle class of professionals in Dubai. These home-buyers want to own an affordable but stylish home that fulfils functional and ‘pride of ownership’ needs, and also incorporates the best and latest trends in technology and lifestyle. While acknowledging that a real estate market ultimately rests on the ‘real-demand’ shaped by home-buyers, GPD wanted to exceed pre-existing formats and standards, by introducing groundbreaking and unprecedented features that redefine possibilities. Gemini Property Developers CEO Sunil Gomes explains that with its Splendor at MBR City project, the company wanted to support the market’s transition to mature stability, by making the finest and latest standard in luxury housing accessible to Dubai’s rapidly expanding professional population.

Sunil believes that the energetic focus displayed by the Dubai administration in pursuing the target of becoming the world’s best example of a tech-enabled and people-centric city, is creating an exciting space for the local developer community. In Sunil’s opinion, this backdrop presented an excellent opportunity for a young company to find its own voice and expression. Sunil feels that the Splendor at MBR City project was the perfect first offering to market, targeting a new niche segment, that showcased Gemini Property Developers’ commitment to meeting market needs, and also helped it to stand out from the competition.

The development was set apart by its confluence of a prestigious and picturesque location, luxurious apartment layouts, well-appointed interiors and a host of amenities that address the entire spectrum of needs for a holistic luxury lifestyle. Sunil believes that another important element was the company’s outreach to a wide audience, by creating innovative and attractive payment plans for prospective buyers, and an industry-leading targeted marketing approach. He believes this approach helped in creating a context of affordable luxury that was attractive to a larger segment, as well as reflecting the aspirations of a rising class of customers in Dubai.

This award is a recognition of the vision and ethos that drive Gemini Property Developers

A home is both a fundamental need as well as one of the most defining elements of our lifestyle. It is, at once, a practical requirement and the stuff of our dreams. It needs to be built around our lives, our needs and our aspirations. Simply put, a home is a ‘living’ space in more ways than one. Every element of design, construction and functionality must reflect the interactive and interdependent relationship that we humans have with our habitation.

What has inspired Gemini Property Developers most is the universal human aspiration to own a home, both at an emotional and a functional decision. The company is built on the ethos of delivering a holistic and enriching living experience for all. And Gemini projects have incorporated the multi-faceted and complex relationship that humans have with their homes to build communities that balance, work, family, and lifestyle needs. This is an ambition that involves bringing together aesthetics, functional harmony of elements and the highest standards in livability and comfort while keeping the projects affordable. And this is what Splendor at MBR City project was designed to do. And this is what helped it stand out from its competitors and peers at the Awards, believes Sunil.

According to Sunil, the development’s primary aim was to offer its owners a rich and gratifying community experience that serves as the perfect backdrop for an optimal work-life balance. Located in close proximity to the Ras-Al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, Splendor incorporates the nature reserve’s resident flamingoes as a design inspiration. At the heart of the project is the desire to reflect Dubai’s vision of creating holistic ‘happiness’ for its residents.

Sunil notes that the design & architecture of the building, the choice of materials and finishes, the state-of-the-art amenities and the rejuvenating community spaces on the property, all invoke this emphasis on facilitating a satisfying and enriching human experience. In his opinion, the Splendor project is a natural consequence of Gemini Property Developers’ ambitious and aspirational vision. He believes the response from the market, as well as the various awards and recognition the development has garnered, is a measure of the company’s success in translating that vision into a unique and high-quality finished project.

A deepened commitment and a resolve to exceed the past

It is said that the higher we stand in altitude, the further our definition of the horizon stretches. Gemini Property Developers is at the beginning of a journey that will yield many great rewards and outcomes. The company’s rapid rise to recognition and success is only a marker of what is possible in the future. As a corporate entity that has a multi-faceted focus and involvement in a diverse array of industries, The Gemini Group is driven by a vision that emphasises staking out new and outstanding standards. In this context, Gemini Property Developers is a standout performer that reflects the group’s ethos and approach. The company’s Splendor at MBR City project has already contributed to redefining what is possible within the Dubai real estate landscape, by carving a niche and catering to a distinct and growing segment of the population.

While some other sections of the industry continue to see “affordable” and “luxury” as two mutually exclusive directions to take, Gemini Property Developers are proud to have delivered a project that reconciles both these elements. Sunil sees this early success as setting the stage for a future of further innovation, which breaks new ground and redefines standards.

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