Real Estate influencers are rewriting the rules

After coming to a predictable halt during the peak pandemic, the UAE real estate sector is now witnessing a boom of sorts. Between 2022 and 2027, the industry is expected to see an 8 per cent growth(1). While the growth is mostly due to a rebounding economy, the new and innovative ways in which real estate agents are interacting with potential buyers are having their own impact.

The latest trend in the sales and marketing segment of the industry is influencers. Modern agents are creating catchy reels and sharing stunning real estate videos and photos with followers, promoting their daily social media feeds.

How modern technology has revolutionized the real estate industry
When the internet made its way into our day-to-day lives in the mid-1990s, few industries were spared from revolutionary changes; and the real estate industry was no exception. Just a few decades ago, prospective home buyers were looking at newspaper listings or printed ads in a real estate agent’s office if they wanted to get an idea of the homes before visiting them. Finding homes for sale in your chosen neighbourhood often meant going for a drive searching for “for sale” signs.

Today, the internet makes it easy to browse for homes around the globe and in your own backyard — all in a matter of seconds. And now, it’s helping real estate agents and prospective buyers connect with each other remotely, discuss the requirements, and narrow down to the most feasible options while saving resources, time, and money.

The growth of real estate influencers
Social media and the rise of real estate influencers have made shopping for homes — whether you’re in the market for a new home or not — a part of our daily browsing habit. As opposed to consciously visiting real estate websites to see available properties, one can just follow real estate influencers to look for beautiful homes routinely in reels.

In fact, more than 70 per cent of residents(2) in the UAE admit to taking advice from an influencer before making a purchase. Now, they’re trusting influencers to expose them to available properties. The result is more than just a boost in home sales. Real estate influencers are also becoming a voice for the local industry(3). They’re helping to push for reforms and are even partnering with related industries, from electrical companies to brands that sell tiles or safety glasses.

The popularity of real estate influencing is similar to that of influencers in other industries. Influencers do more than showcase products or homes; they help sell the experience. Potential home buyers aren’t just checking out a property’s unique features. They’re also helping buyers get a feel of the neighbourhood.

The growth of real estate influencers was sudden. But their popularity suggests that they are here to stay. Real estate agents and agencies looking to stay competitive in the field need to incorporate social media in their marketing strategies to reach more potential buyers and stand out in crowded markets.


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